Educational Course for Summer


Online summer sessions WONDERFUL PLANETS specifically prepared for children 8-12 years old.

They are educational and entertaining at the same time.

They are aiming to inspire and increase the creativity and critical thinking of the students.

By using astronomy as a tool for personal development and STEAM workshops.

The program aims to give students the best tools for an introduction in science.


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The program includes a journey to the world of many wonderful planets.

At the last turn of the millennium, mankind has discovered more than one planet that revolves around other stars.

However, the educational system focuses on only eight large spherical bodies orbiting our own star, the Sun.

In the mind of most people, after school there are only eight planets.

The universe is much larger and humanity has discovered and has already collected a lot of information about other worlds.


KITION OBSERVATORY invites you to explore the world of these wonderful planets.

We will begin the journey with the planets of our Solar system, familiar to everyone from childhood and find out about the time when the Sun was thought to be a planet.

How and when the names of the planets appeared? Solve the riddle of nano-planets Ceres and Pluto.

Then we will take a trip to distant star systems, where planets were discovered in recent years.

Students will learn about constellations, the variety of stars, habitable zones, aspects of planets, myths and about activities of scientists who gave names to the stars and their worlds.

Our team wishes you clear skies and is looking forward to meeting you. It would be a great pleasure for us if you attend our events.

Join our spacewalk…



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