Educational Course for Summer


Online summer sessions PLANETARY CODE especially designed for Gymnasium students.

Four sessions designed to cultivate the habit of use of programming languages in solving different tasks.

The educational tasks emphasize the importance of units of measurements and develop skills in using different units.

During the sessions students will challenge different approaches of interaction with program and interface.

This course proposes to learn and improve skills both in astronomy and in programming.

Basic knowledge in programming is required, being necessary to solve the placement task published in English and Russian programs.


The course will be delivered by the Astrophysicist Alexander Prokofyev.

Alexander Prokofyev graduated with honor the Department of Physics at Moscow State University (Lomonosov University). His scientific work is connected to “Cosmic Strings in Expanded Theories of Gravitation”. Nowadays he conducts research in archeoastronomy, organizes and participates in observations of total solar eclipses, meteor showers and asteroid occultations. He has publications in scientific and popular editions, and makes reports in both national and International conferences, from Cyprus to the USA. He is known for his pedagogical skills. For example, the students he prepared for the competitions of the International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics achieved an ‘honorable mention’ level, entering the top half of the talented students on the planet. It is the highest ever award that Cypriot participants have achieved.


On completion of the course a participation certificate will be awarded. Booking in advance is obligatory.


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