My First Telescope – Course for Beginners



The course “MY FIRST TELESCOPE” is ideal for any individual who wants to learn how to use their own telescope.

A telescope of any type and size is a sensitive optical instrument needing special care and treatment.

This course is developed to help you to become familiar with your new telescope and learn its capabilities.

We have specially designed 4 sessions of duration 1.5 hour each, to provide you with the ability to achieve the maximum of the capabilities of your telescope and to develop skills for using and maintaining it.

Enjoy the new horizons that your telescope can open for you. Learn how to observe on clear days and night and explore the Universe.


Session 1. Main characteristics of the telescope. Learn the parts of your telescope and everyday maintenance.

Session 2. Observations of the bright objects with the telescope. Finding them and following them in the field of view. Possibilities of astrophotography.

Session 3. Methods of finding and observing any object in the sky with the telescope.

Session 4. Capacity and limits of the telescope. Basic maintenance of telescope and optics.


The course is available in 3 different languages: English, Greek and Russian.


It is a plus if the attendee already has the skills in recognizing and finding the main constellations in the sky and use of star maps.

If necessary the course “READ THE SKY” is recommended.


On completion of the course a participation certificate will be awarded.



“Bookings Only Policy” is used.

It is required to book in advance by calling (+357) 99991111 (English and Greek speakers) or (+357) 99037440 (Russian speakers).