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Astronomy was born at the beginning of human civilization. It helped to define times for planting and hunting, and later it was astronomy, that reflected the outlook of people about the world. Since childhood of each of us the starry sky beckons to explore its mysteries.

Now the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY gives you the opportunity to fulfill this dream. A specially developed annual course for 9-12 years old students, will be available as part of the KITION ASTRONOMY ACADEMY this October.

Each lesson includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Theoretical Curriculum

  • How the Solar system is designed?
  • What are stars and black holes?
  • Why the Milky Way looks like a whitish stripe?
  • How did the Big Bang occur ?

Elements of Observational Astronomy

  • What can be observed in the sky?
  • How does gnomon and telescope?
  • How to find the constellations and stars?
  • How does the Solar system, stars, nebulae and galaxies look in telescope?

At completion of the course a participation diploma will be awarded.

The lessons will be held by the Astrophysicist Alexander Prokofyev a special guest of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY from Ukraine.

Alexander Prokofyev graduated with honor the Department of Physics at Moscow State University (Lomonosov University). His scientific work is connected to “Cosmic Strings in Expanded Theories of Gravitation”. Nowadays he conducts research in archeoastronomy, organizes and participates in observations of total solar eclipses, meteor showers and asteroid occultations. He has publications in scientific and popular editions, and makes reports in both national and International conferences, from Cyprus to the USA. He is known for his pedagogical skills. Students who attended his special developed course, achieved an ‘honorable mention’ level in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics competition, which was the highest ever award that a Cypriot participant achieved.






“Bookings Only Policy” is used.

It is required to book in advance by calling (+357) 99991111 (English and Greek speakers) or (+357) 99037440 (Russian speakers).

Due to the government’s measures because of COVID19 pandemic, the maximum allowance is 10 persons per session for these programs.