Education Course for Summer School


Dear members and friends of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY,

We would like to inform you about our online summer sessions LIFE ON PLANETS specifically prepared for children 8-12 years old.

They are both educational and entertaining and aim to inspire and increase the creativity and critical thinking of students.

By using Astronomy as a tool for personal development and STEAM workshops, the program aims to give students the best tools for an introduction in science.

Registration for July has already begun.

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Cost: € 80 / month

Dates: July


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The program covers the basics of exploration and search for life on planets and their satellites.

Students will learn about the origin and evolution of life on Earth; what conditions were like when life first appeared;

how life changed and when its tremendous diversity appeared. During the course they will investigate the necessary conditions for the existence of life, the possibility of its discovery by terrestrial and space telescopes, and the influence on its evolution by the galactic environment.

KITION OBSERVATORY invites you to join the search for life in the Universe, which has been led by the inquisitive mind of earthlings for centuries.

We will learn about the building blocks of the Universe, the processes taking place, the development of star systems and the composition of galaxies.

Furthermore, students will learn about space stations and modern telescopes, which may and will soon be able to provide answers to many questions for the search for life.


Our team wishes you clear skies and is looking forward to meeting you.

Join our spacewalk…

Best regards,

George Troullias