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Delight your loved ones – with a gift ticket.

Are you looking for the perfect present but can’t find anything suitable? Or maybe you’re not quite sure what the recipient would like? Then surprise them with a gift ticket!


READ THE SKY Course for Beginners:

In every evening with clear skies, the stars appear one after another. The wonders of the night sky inspire people and offer them enjoyment and relaxation. From time to time a dream to know all names of the stars and planets and to locate them easily comes. Now the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY gives you the opportunity to fulfill this dream. A special course for beginners.

It consists of 4 sessions under the sky. The course offers you the skills to locate and recognize any constellation you wish in the sky, to orientate and navigate with the help of the stars, introduces the world of the planets and stars and gives a fascinating picture of the Universe visible by naked eye from Cyprus.


You can be sure the recipient receives the perfect gift or a welcome contribution towards a larger purchase. You will receive an attractively designed gift ticket. On the back you will find a printed code which can be entered into the ‘order form’ in the “OTHER” field before the product order.

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