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Dear friend/member/amateur astronomer

It appears to us, as if the sky never changes. To emphasize this, in ancient times, philosophers and scientists introduced the Sphere of Fixed Stars. Despite this idea, there are many astronomical phenomena which only last for a small amount of time. It takes just a day to notice that the Moon changes its position and phase. Many stars change their brightness. We observe occultations, where a celestial body hides from the observer another body. Meteors are one of the most spectacular views in the sky.

Which sky phenomena have a small duration of time? What to expect and when they occur? How to observe them? The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY prepared for you a special course with the answers to these questions…


The course consists of 4 sessions with telescope observations. It will offer you the skills to observe the craters and seas on the Moon. You will be fascinated by the interesting world of variable stars and how much information can be collected during occultations of stars by asteroids. You will be impressed with the secrets revealed from shooting stars regarding the formation and evolution of our Solar system.

The sessions will be conducted by the Astrophysicist Alexander Prokofyev a special guest of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY from Ukraine.

The sessions will be held every Friday evening, at 19:30 at the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY, in Kiti.

At completion of the course a participation certificate will be awarded.




Download the Course Curriculum and details (PDF)