Memento Mori

Dimensions: 50x50cm

Oil on canvas


  1. Dimensions do not include frames.
  2. Frame included
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Artist’s Bio

Vartan Ghazarian is an Armenian/Cypriot artist born in 1978 in the town of Larnaca. A self taught painting artist with studies in interior design who is driven by the constant passion to create.

The main media he uses are oil paints on canvas.

He had 2 solo exhibition in 2012 (Larnaca) and 2017 (Limassol). He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Cyprus and during recent years in Spain.

Today he works at his studio in Larnaca on his exhibition collections and custom orders, as well as various collaborations and projects.


Artist’s Statement

Art for me has always been a vessel for freedom of mind and soul.

In my art I show inner feelings and emotions through the beauty of the human portrait and figure. In recent work I explore body art in the form of tattoos and how people express themselves through them. Most of my work is how society looks through my eyes and the impact it has on myself. “Art is Love”