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The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY is a private initiative with no governmental support. It operates as a non-profit organization and it works with volunteers only. It is self-funded since 2008 by a very small amount of income from donations, entrance tickets, schools visits, private events, astrotourism and a small gift shop.

We do astronomy outreach for the general public, educational courses, we share our passion for astronomy and science with fun and entertainment, we contribute to the international scientific community with scientific research and publications, and we offer service and commitment to the local and international society. We provide innovative STEM and STEAM programs and workshops for A4BD (Astronomy for the Blind and Disabled), Astronomy for Autism and Astronomy for people with Special Capabilities.

We dream of keep evolving and growing, building a bigger science center with even more capability for hosting more people, with a cafeteria, a larger museum, a larger exhibition area, and more advanced laboratories. In this way we will be able to involve more people in astronomy and science and offer a better service to the local community and society.

We also dream about installing a remote observatory on a darker site, which will be accessed online, for everyone in the world to enjoy Cyprus’s magnificent night sky. The same telescope will be used as part of international projects and campaigns.

We also plan to hold more astronomy and science related conferences in Cyprus, at a bigger scale, to increase the involvement of scientists, researchers and students in the field of science.

We are encouraging the cooperation of different communities on the island and abroad, we involve different age levels and different knowledge levels in common activities and workshops, by sharing awareness. This helps for the common development of knowledge of the general public and teaches lessons to avoid racism and unite the global community.

All these projects require expenses and volunteers’ support. We will be happy if you can contribute and invest in science and knowledge. Even the smallest donation counts.