About Us

The KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY was founded on February 14, 2008.

The organization was ascribed the name KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY.

It is named after the ancient city of KITION which was found in the area where nowadays, the town of Larnaca, Cyprus, is located.

For this reason it is considered an honorary act on behalf of the local authorities to grant us the permission to utilize the name of this significant landmark as a prefix to the name of our organization.

The idea was the establishment of as a science center, where people could learn through fun and entertainment, but also receive education in astronomy and general sciences, to get the chance to get involved in real science research, but also to offer service to the society and the local community.

Astronomy is considered to be the most ancient science and since it has been evolving, offering knowledge and development but also answering many of the unexplained questions humans have. Like “Where do we come from?”, “What is our position in the Universe?” and more endless number of questions.

The milestones of our organization’s evolution are described in the History section. The Mission and Vision of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY plays an important role in the development of astronomy, space science and space exploration in Cyprus, but also helps Cyprus to achieve a worldwide recognition in the area of astronomy and science. KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY helped and continues to help to increase the level of awareness in preservation of the dark skies and biodiversity of Cyprus and to achieve this it developed international cooperations.

The founder and director of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY, Mr. George Troullias, emphasizes, in his message, that astronomy interweaves our everyday life. In our events everything is explained in simple words and in common language to be understood by the general public.

Our organization is depended on volunteer Staff who are dedicated to achieve all goals of the KITION PLANETARIUM & OBSERVATORY. Visit the Staff page to find out who we are and what we are doing.

If you have any querries or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or call +357 9999 1111.